Corporate Kitpoint



Who are we?

Kitpoint is your corporate solution partner who is active in the corporate area such as Chain and Resort Hotels primarily, Private and Public Hospitals, Apart Hotels, Private Dormitories, Municipalities, Factories and who establishes strong ties with the brands which the company represents to the service sector.

We offer alternative products to our customers according to the characteristics of the products demanded in the projects.

As Kitpoint, it is our mission that providing the best service to the tourism sector by supplying high-quality products in our product range with the best terms of purchase and within the shortest time.

As Kitpoint, which means “Material Procurement Point”, we offer service to the pioneer businesses of the sector with solution partners whose quality and brand has been accepted in the sector.

What do we do?

We carry out the marketing activities of in-house equipment and electrical golf / service vehicles for tourism / alternative tourism facilities in Turkey and nearby geography.

Kitpoint is the official distributor of ISM AŞ and Yamaha Golf Turkey.

What have we done until now?

We delivered hundreds of thousands in-house equipment to the accommodation facilities over 1.000 in Turkey and neighboring countries. Approximately 200 facilities among these belong to well-known hotel chains/hospital groups in Turkey and all around the world. We delivered thousands of golf vehicles to the different places over 500 in Turkey and neighboring countries. We offered solutions of electrical and gasoline-powered service vehicles for hotels, holiday villages, golf facilities, buildings, factories, farms, universities, municipalities and all areas closed to traffic depending on the purpose. 

Our Perspective toward the Customer and Our Difference

We "do" listen to the requirements of our potential customers who contact us and offer material procurement and consultancy service in regard to our experience in the accommodation sector. We aim at establishing a long-term cooperation with our customers rather than a one-time or a short-term cooperation.


Alican Ayhan

Alican Ayhan


2006 - 2016 Worked at Koç Holding Energy Group
2014 - 2015 Koç University Executive MBA
2010 - 2012 Istanbul University MBA
2001 - 2005 Akdeniz University Public Finance

Can Akkar

Can Akkar


2013 - 2016 Worked at Koç Holding Energy Group.

2014 - 2017 Marmara University Marketing Master's Degree
2005 - 2009 Istanbul University Faculty of Economics