ISM Minibar

The entire product range operates at a noise level of 0 dB. With a Peltier model consuming 0.26 kW/24h of energy, it stands out as number one in energy efficiency. In the industry, it is the first and only manufacturer to receive UL certification for products featuring absorption and Peltier technologies. Additionally, it holds all international certifications such as CE, GOST, TUV GS, G-MARK, etc., which are sought after in international markets.

Yamaha Golf Cars

Yamaha Golf Cars Founded in Japan in 1955, Yamaha Motor Company pioneered golf car production in 1979, becoming the first to do so. Since its inception with its own engine, Yamaha has continued to be the market leader worldwide. "Featuring the best climbing capacity AC Electric Motor, the Yamaha Golf Car produces power up to 19.5 kW on inclines and high weights. The motor control unit is produced by Toyota." "With its High-Efficiency DC Electric Motor, the Yamaha Golf Car can produce power up to 5 kW on inclines and high weights, making it the leading manufacturer in the Golf Car class."