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    Convenient, High-quality, Technological, Durable, and Fuel-efficient.

    Although Yamaha is primarily known for its motorcycles, we have now utilized our 60 years of expertise to produce first-class machines for every type of journey. From ATVs and speedy WaveRunners to unmanned helicopters and even industrial robots, we have developed solutions for any way you choose to traverse this world. And now, we are proud to present to you the superior series of Drive2 Golf and Service vehicles. Whether navigating rugged and hilly terrain, enjoying comfort on magnificent golf courses, or making a new fleet investment for your hotel, our Drive2 Golf Vehicles collection awaits you.

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    Hotel Products: Yamaha Golf Car – Comfortable Transportation

    Yamaha golf vehicles are used for comfortable transportation in large hotels and large areas. These fast and practical means of transportation allow guests to move around the facility comfortably.