Hotel Equipments

Drawer Type Safe

  • Body sheet thickness: 1.80mm
  • Motorized lock mechanism
  • 6 digit digital display
  • Electrostatic Powder Paint

Technical Specifications

15' External Dimensions (HxWxD)126 x 390 x 365 mm
17' External Dimensions (HxWxD)126 x 465 x 365 mm
Case Weight9.8 kg
Package Dimensions (HxWxD)155 x 405 x 380 mm
Body Sheet Thickness1.5 mm (1.8mm±0.2 after painting)
Door Sheet Thickness3 mm (3.3mm±0.2 after painting)
Rental option via computer
Motorized lock mechanism
6 digit digital display
4-6 digit user password definition
6 digit master password
Master key (ability to open the safe with the key in case of emergency)
Option to show/not show the entered password on the screen (during keying)
Automatic locking after entering the wrong password 4 times in a row
Ability to view the last 100 transactions on the screen on the cash register without using a hand terminal
Querying battery power status (low, full)
Easy opening of the lid thanks to the double piston
Illumination of the inside of the case thanks to LED light
Mounting possibility from the bottom
Electrostatic powder paint against rust
The product is carpeted on the floor
4 batteries (Cover on the battery compartment)