Hotel Equipments

Standard Safe

  • Body sheet thickness: 1.80mm
  • Motorized lock mechanism
  • 6 digit digital display
  • Electrostatic Powder Paint

Technical Specifications

Product dimension (HxWxD)220 x 360 x 250 mm
Body Sheet Thickness1,80 mm
Door Sheet Thickness4 mm
Rental option via computer
Motorized lock mechanism
6 digit digital display
3-6 digit user password definition
6 digit master password
Master key (opening the safe with the key in case of emergency)
Appearance/invisibility of the entered password on the screen
Automatic locking after entering the wrong password 4 times in a row (15 min.)
Seeing the last 100 transactions on the screen
Querying battery power status (low / full)
Possibility of mounting from the bottom and back
Electrostatic powder paint against rust
The product is carpeted on the floor
4 batteries